Do Not Solicit List

The Do Not Solicit list is a list of addresses in the Village where the resident has requested that individuals who are going door to door are not permitted to come to their home to sell products or services. Residents can sign up for this list using the service request tracker.

Restrictions: Even though residents sign up for the "Do Not Solicit" list, the following groups are still able to go door to door and do not have to register or advise the police department.
  • Political/Religious groups
  • Charitable groups (ie. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Youth Athletic leagues, etc)
It is also permissible for fliers to be placed in a newspaper box or attached to a mailbox (not placed inside).

Individuals or companies that would like to solicit in the Village are required to obtain a "Transient Merchant" permit. The permit process includes an application form, fee, and background check. Once the Police Department gives approval, the permit is issued. Along with the permit, merchants are also given the "Do Not Solicit" list, so they know which houses to avoid. View the current list here.